What is the Pellet?

What is the pellet?

The Pellet is a digital dog bell that your dog can press to signal that it would like to be let outside or inside. It connects via WiFi to any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart watch you have around your house.

After the dog presses the button, a notification will be sent to all of your selected, connected devices. There are two types of Pellet – one for indoor and outdoor, that is waterproof – to allow dogs to signal to its owner from either side of the door.

What needs does it solve?

The Pellet dog button satisfies needs for pet homeowners through several different avenues.

Dogs themselves have a primary physiological need to relieve themselves outside, but often do not have ways to notify their owners that they need to be let out, especially if a home is rather large and pet owners are not always near the back door. Pellet is an intermediary to help satisfy their dog’s primary need.

Pet owners have a few secondary needs and wants met through the use of Pellet. It is a want of homeowners, and a strong motivator for action, to keep their home’s carpet clean. This is part of the reason that they will go to great lengths to train their dogs even though it may be extremely time consuming.

Pellet helps ease some of the challenges of letting dogs outside when necessary by notifying owner electronic devices when their dog pushes the button. In this way the needs of power, controlling some of the dog’s behaviour, and achievement, succeeding at the challenging task of house training a dog, are met.

What makes it different from other products?

There are a few similar products to the Pellet, but many do not offer the convenience and technology that Pellet does.

Alternatives to Pellet could include dogs barking at the door to go out or ringing a bell to go out. Pellet offers a less obnoxious way of your dog letting you know that it needs to go outside.

Pellet is different from other products because it is electronic. Pellet notifies the owner on a phone, computer, tablet, or SmartTV when their pet needs to go outside.

Pellet can be used anywhere in the home. Because of this, pet owners do not need to be in the same room as their pet to know that it needs to go outside. A pet owner can be notified even when not at home.

Therefore, the owner can send a neighbours  or friend to let the dog outside if necessary.

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